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10 Strict Rules BLACKPINK Has To Follow On Tour


Rules you didn't know k-pop girl group BLACKPINK follows.
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Blackpink is taking no prisoners as they skyrocket to the top of the charts and eliminate the competition. K-Pop’s mainstream emergence is traced back to the early ’90s. With the familiarity of the term being made in the 2000s internationally. Blackpink has come on the scene at just the right time.

With a firm target market and committed fan base, the all-girl group has turned more heads than the genre has ever seen. Blackpink has made a lasting impression, and that trend is sure to continue.

Although, YG Entertainment recently partnered with major US labels in 2018 to expand Blackpink’s international prominence - Blackpink is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group, outside of Asia.

Blackpink is not only rubbing shoulders with global influencers, but they’re breaking records while doing it. Blackpink is listed as one of the “10 Most Anticipated K-Pop Albums of 2019” on Billboard. They will be the first K-Pop band to play at Coachella in April of 2019.

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