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BLACKPINK Lisa Evolution (Predebut VS Now)


I just recently watched a video of Blackpink's Predebut vs Now but I don't think the video does justice to Lisa, so I decided to make one myself. It kinda pisses me off when haters are using Lisa's drastic change as an excuse to claim that she did a plastic surgery. Yes, she's getting prettier but it's not something that happen drastically. She has always been beautiful. If there's something that change, it'd be the beauty standards. We, fans have been waiting for this girl to debut for years. It's okay to have different opinions but if you just simply wanted to ruin her career by saying shitty things like that. Come fight meh! :P

Btw all these photos are from her predebut era though, only one with Sorn was taken during around her debut. Even during her trainee days, she doesn't often take selcas (they can't reveal their faces to public yet), so it's kinda difficult to find her pictures without stickers at that time.

Since there are people asking, no these photos aren't sorted properly by date and the middle girl at 5:03 is Kim Eunbi, a former YG trainee.

Songs used:
Winner - Sentimental
iKON - Today